Monitoring & Evaluation consultant

Monitoring & Evaluation consultant

For the project aGROWforests, we are looking for a M&E consultant. The objective of the aGROWforests for Sustainable Spices project is to contribute to a sustainable, bio-diverse, climate resilient and responsible spices sector In Indonesia. We do this by increasing farm productivity and income of pepper farmers, through climate smart agriculture and agroforestry, which also removes or reduces greenhouse gas emissions attributed to pepper farming and agriculture in general. The 3-year project targets 2,300 farmers (of which 30% women, 15% youth) in the provinces Bangka Belitung and Lampung in Indonesia.

The M&E consultant’s main objectives

As the M&E consultant, your main responsibility is to guide the aGROWforests project team with the development of the monitoring and evaluation plan, support with the development of a data analysis plan and execute the data analysis of the baseline data collected (between 150 and 250 farmers).

The M&E consultant is responsible for the following activities:

  • Facilitate a half-day design workshop to give input and finalise the M&E plan for the programme (consortium will prepare a draft)
  • Support on the execution of baseline activities:
    1. Review and provide improvements on the baseline concept and methodology for the project, and review the questionnaire prepared by the consortium
    2. Create a (continuous) data analysis plan based on the questionnaire
    3. Support with the format of the questionnaire and putting it into a data collection tool (KoBo toolbox is available and installed, but we are open to using other tools)
    4. Support in the practical organisation of the baseline survey, and giving advice on the data collection operational plan
    5. Analysis of the data collected in the baseline
    6. Create a report on the data analysis 
    7. Evaluation meeting
  • Support the consortium in finding the right tools to track project progress at field level, by combining information from different systems, the baseline survey, Trace (pepper traceability system from farm to fork) and the SpiceUp app (mobile app for information on pepper production for farmers)

Important notes: 1. The data cleaning and analysis sheet (method or scripts) will be shared with the consortium after the analysis, 2. The development of the survey, training of the enumerators and data collection will be done by the consortium partners. 


The minimum qualifications required for the applicant include:

  • At least 5+ years of experience with digital data collection; 
  • Experience in data collection efforts with (smallholder) farmers;
  • Experience with data collection in Indonesia (preferably in Bangka Belitung and or Lampung);
  • Proven data analysis experience;
  • Proven experience with Monitoring and Evaluation of international development projects;
  • Experience in facilitating an online design workshop;
  • Excellent in writing and communicating in English and Bahasa Indonesia;
  • Relevant experience in working in the field of international development;
  • Able to work from home or your own office.

The application can be submitted by an individual consultant, but also an organisation which has the required capacity in-house.

Procedure and timeline

We request interested organisations or independent registered consultants to send us a proposal including a resume. All proposals must include a budget in Euros and include local insurance, taxes and VAT. We expect the assignment to take between 20 and 30 days. Excluding project travel costs, these will be separately covered by the consortium when relevant.

Process Timeline 
Inviting independent consultants to hand in their proposal based on this Terms of Reference 7 May 2023 – 17h00 CEST 
Selection of consultant8 – 11 May 2023
Start date / Kick-off meeting 12 May 2023

Contact Fairfood

Josje Spierings
Programme manager aGROWforests
Email: [email protected]

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