Marketing a Fair Product: Join the next Living Wage & Income Lab

The next session of the Living Wage & Income Lab is coming up, and this time around we ask ourselves: How can your sustainability strategy succeed in addressing living wages and incomes, and how do you communicate the journey?

The session Marketing a Fair Product discusses common obstacles when communicating the path to decent payments, as well as ways to make the most of this journey. Does a fair product involve living wages and incomes being paid? How can I bring other partners on board with my strategy? What is the consumer’s perception of all this? That’s what we plan to dive into!

To define the key ingredients of a successful marketing strategy for sustainable products, this cross-sectoral talk will have speakers from Fairphone, revolutionising the electronic market with smartphones built on inclusion; Bionext, bringing the perspective of decent wages and income from the organic market; Wakuli, using specialty coffee to lift farmers out of poverty; and Kumasi Drinks, who after a long road to making upcycled cocoa juice a thing in the Netherlands, started selling their products in Albert Heijn – meaning if you haven’t heard of it, you’ll likely be tasting one very soon!

Michaël Wilde

Bionext’s Director

Linda Klunder

Kumasi Drinks’ Co-founder

Remco Kouwenhoven

Fairphone’s Social Innovation Lead

Lies Uljee

Wakuli’s Chief Branding and Marketing

Save the date: June 2nd – 3pm(CEST) at the Utrecht Social Impact Factory. Of course, our virtual doors are also open in case you can’t make it in person.

Roughly, the programme will be divided into two moments:
3-3:45 – Live stream presentations with Q&A
3:45-4:30 – In-person workshop with networking opportunities

As spaces are limited, make sure to save your seat here, or register to join online.

Are you new to the Lab?

Developed in 2015 in partnership with the NGO Hivos, the Living Wage & Income Lab is now exclusively being led by Fairfood. The goal of the Lab is providing you with the opportunity to work with other stakeholders, including companies, governments and knowledge institutes, on closing living wage and income gaps, and deep dive into different methods and tools. We discuss challenges and co-create solutions, and most importantly, you will be part of a unique space where you can easily find strategic partners.

To get inspired for the next session, we recommend watching our last session in which Tony’s Chocolonely, Eosta and Fairtrade Original discussed living wage and income strategies to accelerate a system change under the critical eyes of Oxfam.

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