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Enabling companies to trace their products up to the farmer and share a transparent origin story with consumers.

“The time for ‘we didn’t know’ is over”, member of European Parliament Lara Wolters aptly said in an interview with Fairfood. She was referring to upcoming EU legislation that will require more traceability in supply chains, so companies can actually take accountability for any negative impact they have on people or planet. 

Our blockchain-enabled platform Trace not only allows for this traceability, but helps companies to properly prove the sustainability promises they (want to) make, plus share a transparent product provenance story with the end-consumer.

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First-mile digitisation

Farmers are digitally connected to Trace and your supply chain with our Farmer Cards and mobile field app.

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Dashboard and reporting

Monitor and summarise your Trace activities; generate reports on farmers and businesses in your production chain, the paper trails of products and the extent to which brand promises have been met.

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Trace was designed so that it can be easily integrated with systems your company already has in place; different software systems, ERPs and other blockchain solutions.

Supply chain mapping

We enable product traceability from verified smallholder farmers, so businesses can support sustainability claims with robust data.

Verification of brand promises

We together define your sustainability claims, and collect data and evidence from the field to support those.

Branded storytelling interface

Consumers use Trace’s storytelling interface, fully deemed in your companies house style, to learn about your product, its origin, and the proof for your sustainability claims.

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Prepare for upcoming legislation

Legislation on due diligence is coming, at EU and national level. Get ready by learning where your products come from.


Become aware of issues and risks

Open up a new communication channel with the people in your chain, and get new insights regarding potential issues. Our partners have reported back with learnings on low payment, temporary stock shortages, and trust issues between supply chain stakeholders.


Share verifiable proof for claims

Consumers don’t buy into greenwashing any longer. Provide them with irrefutable evidence for the sustainability claims your company makes.


Digitally connect your supply chain

Improve business relations by allowing all supply chain stakeholders to digitally connect to one another.


Share your story with customers

Abide by the transparency trend and share the learnings from your traceability journey with clients and consumers.


Digitally connect to your supply chain

Become a digital player in the supply chain, verify payments or report on the lack thereof, plus stay in charge of your own data with the use of our Farmer Cards.


Get access to new information

By using Trace, you learn where your products are going. Gain more knowledge about the supply chain, and the needs of your supply chain partners.


Build up an online ledger

Moving away from paper receipts, Trace helps to digitise transactions, allowing you to build up a digital transaction history.


Improved trust within the supply chain

Farmers and middle men working with Trace have reported on improved business relations and more trust in the supply chain.


Prepare for legislation your clients have to meet

As your clients will have to meet more stringent legislation, thus trace their products, prepare by digitising your business.

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