Impact areas

Defining the areas in which our partnerships aim to make an impact

Fair Value Distribution

Fairfood aims to redistribute value along food supply chains, with the purpose of enhancing farmers’ and workers’ incomes and livelihoods. We want to demonstrate that this fairness can be a win-win for all stakeholders; as farmers gain a higher income, companies can profit from future-proofing their business.

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Transparent supply chains

Supply chain transparency ultimately serves corporate accountability. For too long, misconducts have been hidden behind opaque food supply chains. By making them transparent, we put a spotlight on farmers’ and workers’ rights, allowing businesses to back up the promises they make about social and environmental sustainability, and consumers to dig into the true story behind their products.

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Living wage & income

Poverty is a driving force behind a lot of the issues in agri-food; it has been connected to child labour, deforestation and unsustainable agricultural practices. Yet, this fundamental issue is astonishingly complex in and of itself. To make the solution measurable, Fairfood is looking at the concept of living wages and incomes, which should allow workers and farmers to afford a decent standard of living.

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