Bringing trust and transparency to food supply chains

We advocate for change and deliver farm-to-fork solutions

What we do

Traceability that proves sustainability claims

We enable product traceability from verified smallholder farmers, so businesses can support sustainability claims with robust data.

Supply chain transparency for responsible sourcing

We nurture public-private partnerships to increase supply chain transparency that enables businesses to deliver on sustainability commitments.

First-mile digitisation for financial inclusion

Smallholder farmers can connect to supply chains with digital solutions that enable better access to markets and finance.

How this adds up to your transparency journey

Fairfood is a trusted, long-term partner for companies that want to do better, but need assistance in doing so. As we together walk the road towards transparent value chains, we utilise Fairfood’s expertise, solutions, tools and network along the way. 

Although no two sustainability journeys are the same, we have defined 4 overarching stages: design, develop, deploy, deliver. This video breaks it down.

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Advocating for a future-proof food system

We are a non-profit organisation accelerating the transition towards a fair food system, one that defends the livelihoods of the people behind our food. Working in over 15 countries, we bring our expertise into decision-making spaces, continuously pushing for farmer inclusion and corporate accountability at all levels. 

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Case studies

RECLAIM Sustainability!

Trabocca: In pursuit of poverty free coffee

solutions for a fair supply chain

Verstegen: Nutmeg on the blockchain

Social Vanilla: Making vanilla fair

fair coffee

Pure Africa: Towards a new fair coffee epoch

Knowledge hub

Paying a Living Income Reference Price: Insights from Fairtrade Original, ACPCU and Johnny Cashew

Overcoming poverty in food supply chains means paying farmers a fair price. But how do we get to this magic number? The Living Wage & Income Lab shed light on the Living Income Reference Price (LIRP) model, exploring its application and significance for companies worldwide.

Video: 5 questions about upcoming sustainability legislation

A new video series answers questions about the regulations that will make corporate sustainability the new normal. Episode 2: Monitoring, reporting and verification for SMEs explained by Amy Ching from Satelligence.

Report: Who own’s farmer data?

With due diligence legislation on the way, transparency has become a buzzword. But what exactly does this mean in practice? Our new report explains why building trust in data should go hand in hand with greater calls for transparency.

Everything you need to know about a living income journey

To pay everyone in your supply chain a living income – it’s harder than it sounds. We are helping coffee importer Trabocca to make the dream a reality. A new 2-pager is sharing more details on their journey.

Our partners in bettering the food system

It seems you also care about the people behind our food.

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