The very good money gala

To hear the ever inspiring, admirable Leonardo DiCaprio speak and receive a great sum of good money to achieve our goals. A pretty great Thursday night, right?

Maybe you didn’t know it yet, but 50% of all the money that participants give to the Dutch Postcode Lottery goes directly to charities. Isn’t that an excellent reason to play the lottery? As a relatively small organization, we at Fairfood have particularly benefitted from this. Yesterday evening our managing director Sander de Jong was handed a beautiful gift: €500,000. We put that money into projects, campaigns and partnerships that ultimately work to lift all people behind our food out of poverty.

We were not the only happy recipients last night. There were a selection of many happy faces: Rutgers received €11.9 million, which the organization wants to use to make safe abortion drugs available worldwide, and to provide women in Ethiopia and Kenya with safe contraceptives and abortions. IVN received €1.8 million with which 100 mini-forests will be built in the Netherlands. Fossil-free NL received €1 million to help advance their work on the transition to sustainable energy. Médecins sans Frontières, the Dutch Red Cross and the Refugee Foundation received €4.3 million each, to stop and reduce the number of humanitarian crises.

Leonardo Di Caprio, the cherry on top of the cake of the evening for all the women of the Fairfood team, addressed an ornate Carré on behalf of his own Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF). More good news: he returned home with a check for €900,000 for his LDF—hopefully many polar bears were helped with that.

So here’s another toast (it’s still the weekend after all) to looking forward to the next Goed Geld Gala.

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