Annual report 2022: Highlights


Annual report 2022

These are our 2022 highlights:

In 2022, 125 companies and organisations were using Trace


farmers now have an account on Trace

Fairfood is currently active in 18 countries, working on making commodities like citrus, coffee, cocoa and several spices more fair, together with 80 partners! Among whom, companies like Verstegen Spices & Sauces, Dole Europe B.V., Trabocca and Fairtrade Original, governments such as the Dutch and German government, knowledge institutes like the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), and NGO’s such as Solidaridad and the Rainforest Alliance.

Some promising first results: We looked at a sample of 75 Indonesian nutmeg farmers who are being paid a premium for providing Verstegen with transactional data using our Farmer Cards. On average, they made an extra 94 euro on a yearly basis with this so-called Data Premium. This raises their income from nutmeg by 1.2%

We gave


trainings to local stakeholders (for example coffee cooperatives) on the use of Trace, and the added value of transparency and traceability

With a shared ambition of ensuring that technology and data are used to enable a more inclusive future, we are continuing our partnership with Cisco, which allows us to expand the reach of our Trace platform and enhance first mile connectivity!

“The first year of our grant really met, and even exceeded, our expectations in terms of what Fairfood would accomplish. When we went into this, we understood the value of what Fairfood was doing. What we were not so sure of, was how much impact they could have on the industry; looking from the outside, we couldn’t see how they would influence these big agri-food companies to actually do these things. ‘What’s in it for them? Are you really going to be able to sign them on to this?’ At the end of this first grant period, Fairfood has proven that they were able to do this – they got some very big partners on board, and are working with a lot of farmers. We look forward to seeing how this can progress even further and faster with the second grant.” – Sue-Lynn Hinson, Grant Portfolio Manager at Cisco


fully traceable products made their way into consumers’ shopping baskets: vanilla from Social Vanilla in Danish supermarkets, and coffee from Trabocca at Simon Lévelt. At Dutch retailer Coop, consumers can still buy 100% traceable nutmeg from Verstegen Spices & Sauces.

​​“Everyone can buy Fairtrade coffee, but only a few companies can say, ‘These are the farmers who produced the coffee, and this is how much they got paid’. Transparency, traceability and open sourcing are actually helping us to attract more clients, and win tenders. It’s feeding into more trust with consumers, and everyone knows it.” – Ando Tuininga, co-founder of our partner Pure Africa, on the use of Trace.

We are grateful for the yearly 500 thousand euro funding, made possible by everyone partaking in the National Postcode Lottery! We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for you!

We organised 3 in-person sessions of the Living Wage & Income Lab, with over


participants and speakers from B Lab, the Rainforest Alliance, Frank About Tea and many other inspiring companies and organisations

“When we work on living wages and incomes, we become obsessed with numbers. I think it’s good to remind ourselves that even though having a number is important to help us implement it, it isn’t about just that number. It’s also about the process and the partnerships that come out of it.” – Bernard Gouw, Senior Manager of Social Standards at B Lab, during a Living Wage & Income Lab session

We published

2 reports
4 factsheets
20+ articles

on the topics of living wage and income, transparency and traceability, fair value distribution and mandatory due diligence.

“Traceability is a mechanism to map and identify risks, but also a facilitator for transparent practices and fairer business arrangements. A value chain approach is what we use to unite different partners with different goals behind a shared vision. It’s not just a roaster, retailer or trader that needs to do better, cooperatives and farmers groups also must be part of the solution.” – From our report Transparency and Traceability in service of Fair Value Distribution

Our colleague Isa Miralles – a true human rights champion – is making us ever proud, having shared the Fairfood story at BBC News Radio and the Living Income Summit. These are just 2 of the highlights of the many public appearances she and other team members made throughout the year.

​​Serious steps have been taken by our two long-time partners Trabocca and Verstegen Spices & Sauces:

Together with Trabocca, we had the Global Living Wage Coalition and Royal Tropical Institute conduct research to determine how big the living income gap is for Ethiopian coffee farmers supplying Trabocca. Currently, we are designing interventions to close that gap! (Read more here.)

We closed the year by signing off a new partnership with Verstegen, focusing on agroforestry for Indonesian pepper farmers!

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