Save the Date: June 20th Session – A Prelude to World of Coffee in Amsterdam

After an insightful discussions on the intersection of living income and pricing at Chocoa, the Living Wage & Income Lab focus now shifts to the coffee industry as many of us prepare for the upcoming World of Coffee event.

In 2024, we saw initiatives for improved farmers’ incomes and fair prices finally making their way into the responsible sourcing sphere. That’s why we expect this year’s edition of the most important event for the coffee industry to incorporate living income initiatives into actual purchasing practice discussions.

In other words, fair prices, living income data, and interventions finally linked to other important missions of the sector, such as tackling deforestation, improving crops’ climate resilience, and scaling farm productivity and profitability.

In anticipation of the gathering in Copenhagen, Heifer and Fairfood unveil a new collaboration that resulted in a Living Income Pricing tool. This tool, a follow-up to a project in Honduras, comes with a comprehensive methodology that participants of the Living Wage & Income Lab will see first. Additionally, in light of the forthcoming Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, set to enhance accountability in European trade, we’ve invited an expert to address questions regarding living income due diligence.

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