Share your own #WakecUpCall

Men, are we having a good day at the Fairfood office: our coffee initiative has just been launched! Together with everyone who is willing to declare him/herself an ambassador of the WAKEcUPCALL, we are going to wake up the coffee world.

Why, you ask? Because most of the coffee farmers producing our coffee (30 million cups of coffee we drink in the Netherlands, every single day!) live their lives in poverty. Not cool, coffee is a beautiful product that is making certain people a lot of money. Why is it that a coffee farmer isn’t enjoying the same expert reputation as a vintner in, let’s say, the Bordeaux?

We are going to do something about that. Together. Because you can help. Become an ambassador of our WAKEcUPCALL by sharing the hashtag #wakecupcall on your social media. You can do so with a cozy coffee photo, for example, like our very first ambassador Guido Weijers did this morning. You can think of your own coffee text, but if you don’t like thinking, here’s a ready-made text: “This is your #wakecupcall! Coffee farmers often don’t make enough money per day for a cup of coffee. There’s poverty in your coffee! Let’s wake up the world of coffee with this coffee initiative: share your own #wakecupcall.”

Pretty cool: by using the hashtag you get your very own cup on our website Thanks, we think you’re fantastic!

It seems you also care about the people behind our food.

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