The value of transparency, you know all about it from Trace Talks#1. But the role of visibility in your supply chain doesn’t end there.

The next topic we will be discussing isn’t an easy one, yet there is a lot of talk about it. Trace Talks#2 will unravel a topic that’s on everyone’s mind, yet is often found to be difficult to talk about.

Trace Talks #2: certification and beyond

You’ve heard it before: certification and beyond. And on our next webinar of the Deep-Dive Series, we will get to the bottom of this complex topic. Join us on 22nd October at 5 PM (CEST) to discover the under-rated truth of how technology and eco-certification can work together to take your sustainability goals beyond expectations!

Breaking from the conventional PowerPoints, we will explore this topic on a deep-seated two-way interview between Fairfood’s Sander de Jong and our distinguished guest speaker Daan de Vries!

How can traceability complement your certification systems? Can transparency answer the increasing heterogenic needs of your customers.? How can Trace help close the gap left open by the certifications?

So many questions? With interactive polls and Q&A’s, you are definite to solve the riddles!

What will you learn?

  • Explore the current challenges and opportunities in certification systems
  • Define the grey area of certifications and verifications
  • Find out why certifiers themselves are seeking a progressive system
  • Get to know how technology can be your assistance from the beyond

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar will be especially informative to people working in the agro-food industry with CSR missions to have certified and transparent products and ingredients in their value chain. But if you are a blockchain enthusiast, an advocate in the agriculture sector or just anyone curious about sustainability and supply chains, we definitely have a space for you!

Who are the speakers?

Sander de Jong

Managing Director, Fairfood

Daan de Vries

Founder, Chaineffects

Peter d’Angremond

Executive Director, Fairtrade Nederland

It seems you also care about the people behind our food.

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