Verstegen: Towards a future of sustainable spices

On their journey towards true sustainability, Verstegen initially committed to full transparency for their nutmeg supply chain, using Fairfoods platform Trace. By now, they took it a step further, tackling new spices in Indonesia. This is where social sustainability starts.

The vision

Indonesia is the scene for a partnership between Verstegen Spices & Sauces and Fairfood. To Verstegen, it’s also the testing ground, preparing to scale up to other countries and commodities. Our solutions go from traceability, to agroforestry and improving farmers’ livelihoods. This video tells the story of their transparancy journey.

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The projects


It all started with this question: How fair is Verstegens nutmeg? Using Trace, Fairfoods blockchain technology, we answered this question and had the result of a fully transparent product chain of Indonesian nutmeg. Ultimately, this transparency should give the farmer and consumer greater involvement. The farmer strengthens her or his position by gaining new knowledge about the chain, while the consumer gains insight into price agreements and quality claims.

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White pepper

The ink only dried up in the last weeks of 2022, and we are excited for our new project coming up already very soon! Be excited with us as we will soon tackle the topics of agroforestry and climate smart agriculture (CSA).

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Michel Driessen CEO at Verstegen

What an honest and sincere outcome of the project. Very beautiful what we are doing. I hope it will get a nice follow-up.

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