We are continuing our Trace Talks series by taking you with us on our journey to fair coffee. After having discussed transparency in our first Trace Talk last year, we are diving deeper into what that will actually look like.

Trace Talks #4: Making Living Income Coffee a Reality

Wondering if the coffee farmer receives a fair price for the coffee beans that you brew every morning? The short answer is no. For most of the coffee we buy at the supermarket, farmers do not receive an adequate payment.  

Fortunately, progress is slowly being made, as we speak. We are seeing more and more organisations wishing to sell their coffee with a clear conscience; meaning that their coffee farmers receive a fair living wage and income, they know exactly where their coffee beans come from, and have a transparent supply chain.

Trabocca and Simon Lévelt are early adopters when it comes to applying blockchain technology in their coffee chains to give farmers a living income. In this webinar, Menno Simons from Trabocca and Bert Jongsma from Simon Lévelt will share their story of tracing back their coffee with us. Our director Sander de Jong will highlight the importance of the blockchain technology tool Trace and we have Channa Brunt moderating this interesting talk. Prepare your mind and register now!

What will you learn?

  • Why are transparency and traceability in food supply chains important? We will discuss the potential of blockchain technolgy in the agri food sector.
  • How does one tackle living income & living wages in their supply chain? Trabocca will discuss their experiences with Trace so far.
  • What value could a fair supply chain give your company? We will discover why Simon Lévelt decided to join Trabocca in their mission.

Who is this webinar for?

Are you working in the agro-food industry, love your coffee, or are trying to grow a sustainable business? Then this webinar is for you! And if you are curious hearing about a business case on sustainability, blockchain tech, or living income, we would love for you to join too!

Who are the speakers?

Living Income Coffee

Bert Jongsma

Managing Director, Simon Lévelt

Living Income Coffee

Menno Simons

General Manager, Trabocca

Sander de Jong

Managing Director, Fairfood

Channa Brunt

Head of Marketing and Communications, Fairfood

It seems you also care about the people behind our food.

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